All funds and Unions file 5500s.All Unions file 990s and LM2s each year.Each Union Officer who takes money, gifts or whose family members work for the Union is required to file an Lm30. Companies who give gifts file LM10s. See ULLICOs 200-300 page LM10s with gifts to Union Officials.To learn where to view these records and others please go to http://www.theratlist.com.Here you can also learn about the members at the NCCMP such as Hoffa who spent 52 million of your money to lobby for MPRA.

Form 5500-How to view your 5500. Go here https://www.efast.dol.gov/portal/app/disseminate?execution=e1s1 search uses your EIN with no hyphen.

Form 990-Each not for profit must file an IRS 990 each year..How to view 990s which is the only place that show how much they are really getting paid. Go here http://foundationcenter.org/findfunders/990finder/ Search by EIN,Zip code or name or here http://www.guidestar.org/Home.aspx.Guide Star requires you create an account but its free.

Form-LM2 -LM30 -LM10

DOL Public Disclosure Room


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