How far will these union fat cats go to silence a member who tries to expose pension fraud .Follow and stalk his wife???How far will the UBC and the UBC International Lawyers “John Decarlo and “Danny Boy” Shanley” go to silence a UBC member trying to expose theft and corruption in his Pension fund.Stalk his wife to the Beauty Salon?Videotape him if he went to his Union Hall or talked to a Union member.Follow him in case he was to obtain HIS pension documents that ERISA law manadtes he be given by the Union on demand. Stalk him and his WIFE!!because he maintained a web site that Berated the carpenters Union. BY berated it meant the web site site posted the documents proving and exposing the corruption..
.”Grana alleged a murky web of political and financial intrigue involving McCarron, Tutor and Blum.”The suit claimed that the fund, managed by a board that included McCarron and Tutor, overpaid investment manager Richard C. Blum, who earned $54 million in fees over an eight-year period in the mid-1990s. A spokesman for Blum, who is married to Sen. Dianne Feinstein, maintained that the payments were reasonable for investments that earned $459 million.”
I can tell you if Brother Grana had, at that time, the documents that exist now regarding these very same alleged crooks perhaps they would be sitting next to Federal Prisoner and Doug McCarron favorite Mike Forde. Even Brother Grana had no idea how much of the funds money the trio of Blum,Tutor and McCarron would take from the SWRC fund for in the following years.From the PB Capital Scam,BLUM CAPITAL PARTNERS, LP,Blum Strategic Partners II,Blum Strategic Partners III and Blum Strategic Partners IV. False Family trusts and Cayman Island LLCs. Some call the Blum/Feinstein corruption monumental in scope.The money that Blum and Tutor, with Doug McCarrons help for which he was amply rewarded,fleece from the SWRCC welfare and Pension funds, UBC Welfare and Pension Funds and ULLICO which is comprised of Union fund monies funneled to ULLICO from Union multi employer funds was and is indeed monumental.
From the SEC filing for PB Capital and Tutor Perini……..

We name Doug McCarron a director of PB Capital!!! “WHY YOU ASK???

(1)” McCarron has been a Trustee since 1987, of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters Pension Fund for Officers and Directors . The United Brotherhood Pension Fund for Officers and Directors is expected to be a significant investor in PB Capital. ”
(2)” Mr. McCarron is a director of ULLICO, Inc. which is the parent company of The Union Labor Life Insurance Company which through its Separate Account P is expected to purchase a significant number of shares of Series B Preferred Stock.”
(3)Mr McCarron has been a Trustee since 1987, of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters Pension Fund.The United Brotherhood Pension
Fund is expected to be a significant investor in PB Capital.

They did exactly as was declared here. The SRWCC Funds,ULLICO, The UBC Pension fund and the UBC Pension fund for Officers and Directors all funneled huge amounts to PB Capital, Bum and Tutor. Horacio Grana had just scratched the surface and unknowingly predicted the huge amount of fund money that that would and has left the UBC and ULLICO under the direction of Douglas McCarron.

Tell me. What does even the most staunch UBC supporter think about the UBC having a brothers wife followed to the beauty salon by strangers??!!!!!







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