LIARThe purpose of these write ups is to prove to all brother and sister retirees and workers that despite the lies being told by the NCCMP and our Union leaders that this Pension “Crisis” is the fault of bad markets and financial events, such as the 2008 financial crisis, these are NOT the facts. The facts,which can be proven with supporting documentation,is that this so called crisis is the result of the corrupt actions of those in power and control of many of our multi employer funds and they created the crisis. Those who had a legal fiduciary duty and a duty of care instead of exercising that duty mismanaged the fund monies and cheated the fund participants creating this Pension and multi employer funds crisis. They diverted billions of fund monies to finance scams they are directly part of and in many cases partnered with which is a clear conflict of interest. They have created this crisis and now their answer is writing and submitting legislation in the back door to steal from our Retirees. And just as important including wording in the legislation that allows them to hide their past corrupt acts.

They have conspired to strip the fiduciary power and rights of fund trustees so they can continue their corrupt practices and self serving agendas unabated. They have and are conspiring with others to strip the power of ERISA law and to destroy its fundamental protections put in place to protect fund participants from these very carpetbaggers and others like them. They are answering this Pension crisis,that was created not by market conditions and financial events but by their fraudulent actions,with the theft of retirees pension checks.These actions will create further crisis that includes the devastation of the very lives of American retirees. They are continuing their attack on multi employer plans and Pension funds and have identified and targeted retirees pension checks as a new source of capital.A source of capital they intend to use to finance more scams such as the “Infrastructure” debacle and whatever new scheme one of these mental midgets come up with next week.
The NCCMP legislation must be overturned. Its passage has emboldened the NCCMP and this group of Carpetbaggers, which sadly includes our own Union leaders and to the danger and detriment of all retirees includes Government Officials. Let us not forget that they are still daily committing their corrupt actions and devastating funds as they prepare to use these new rules to steal more from retirees. There actions will be felt by all workers both retired and active. The new legislation has only served to give them added tools to destroy the future of retirees and pension checks. It is clearly their intent to do so and to do so at an accelerated pace. This is above and beyond the daily theft of fund monies and diversion of Pension monies they are still acting on. Hoffa Jrs attempt to take out the Central Fund was Immediate and swift.
Not only is the fight on to stop these cuts but the fight must also be on to reveal to the world the truth behind these fund crisis and make the world act against what they have done. We have already exposed the NCCMP who was hiding in the shadows from not only the working American but especially their own dues paying and NCCMP financing Union membership. They hid in the shadows and only came out to play when it was time to have a convention in Paris or Brussels where they conspired with Borzi to rape Retirees. A major part of the fight for the very survival of retirees is make sure they are exposed for not only what devastation they have already done but for the devastation they are still doing on a daily basis. Every action they take with Borzi and secret Labor Committee meetings such as the one held by Kline on April 29th.We need to demand (not ask) to know why Kline, Chairman of the Subcommittee on Health, Employment, Labor and Pensions, held a hearing on April 29th with two day notice that ONLY NCCMP front men were allowed to speak at. No longer can Phylis Borzi travel to Paris and Brussels with the NCCMP without working Americans screaming bloody murder. No longer can Borzi or anybody else EVER!!! Present these rats as “high level decision-making authorities” representing the US without a worker or Retiree shouting to every media outlet that will listen.Demands must be made of the EBSA NLRB and the DOL to force them to do their job and protect our funds and pensions from these assaults. We must demand these agencies answers why in many cases they have refused to investigate and not only have allowed these actions and attacks on multi employer funds but it appears are in bed with those attempting to decimate them..


  1. “The NCCMP legislation must be overturned”


    No working person owns a politicians. The corporations own all of them. They also control the union leadership. Nothing is going to happen until the workers can organize themselves independently of the hacks into DEMOCRATIC workers councils of industry (not by trade) that WORKERS CONTROL.

    All of that legislative mumbo jumbo, hoops and hurdles is nothing but smoke and mirrors to what workers must do in order to strengthen their position within society.

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